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My journey to nutrition: 


As a teenager, I was treating myself to processed food on a daily basis without being aware of the impact it had on my body and mind. Only later on, I started to witness changes first on a physical level, so I thought depriving myself by skipping meals would help me balance it out. It obviously didn't work and food was constantly on my mind.


I knew I did not want to spend the rest of my life struggling with yo-yo dieting, exhaustion and frustration. So that is when my journey to nutrition began.


After hours of reading controversial content on the web and in books to understand how the body was functioning, all of the hard work I put into it finally paid off, and nutrition has completely changed me.


Taking care of my body helped me get my life back together. I was so full of energy, I found a job, got back to my studies and was even enjoying doing sports on my free time. 

I had never felt so good in my life which led me to dive deeper into this subject in order to build my own opinion on all the information I was reading. 


I did not have any scientific background and it was hard to figure out who was telling the truth. At this point I decided to study nutrition to become an expert, spread the knowledge and help people. 


I have been introduced to the rules of a balanced diet and psychology of nutrition. Step by step I was adding more pleasure into my meals and my relationship with food was getting better and better. 

During my studies, I started to practice yoga and it was not love at first sight… But after a physical injury, yoga and pilates were the only two activities that I was allowed to practice. So I tried different styles and teachers to finally start to develop a sweet passion for yoga.

Herbal Remedies

As I was deeping my practice on the mat, I was gradually starting to feel the benefits spread over my entire life. I was becoming more aware of my body, I started to like it and that's also how my relationship with food improved considerably.

Naturally, I wanted to go further and explore this link between body and mind that fascinated me. As soon as I got my nutrition degree, I jumped in a plane for Bali to train myself in Hatha yoga. The goal was not to become a teacher but to discover and find answers to my questions.

When I returned back to France, I started to teach and realized I was really enjoying doing it. And this is how my passion became the profession in which I flourish. Subsequently, I also went to train in India, a journey that was transformative both professionally and personally.


I now have a completely different approach to health and wellness, a holistic approach that doesn't separate body and mind.


I love the way how it makes me feel and I want to share it to the world because we all deserve to be healthy and fully enjoy our lives. 

I guide you in your journey throught wellness by combining these two practices as well as the knowledge that I have acquired during my travels. Find balance and harmony in your body and mind through a method combining mindfulness, movement and food education.

Meg (

Qualifications & Expertise 

  • I'm an accredited practising dietician-nutritionist with a French degree that allows me to work in clinics, hospitals, retirement home and other medical centers. 

  • I also hold a European Bachelor degree in Nutrition (certified by the National Repertory of Professional Certifications (RNCP)) which gives me the title of nutrition project manager.

  • At last, I validated two yoga training courses certified by yoga alliance:

-200h Holistic hatha yoga, Sacred heart yoga, Bali.

-300h Yin yang & 5 elements, Trimurti, India.

If you're tired of self-deprivation and want to add more balance to your life, then it's your turn to learn. 

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