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Banana Bread


Prep time : 20 min 


Cooking time : 50 min (cooling included)


Serves : Make about 8 slices 

Ingredients :

-3 medium bananas

-2 eggs

-50g of fat (melted butter, grapeseed oil or melted coconut oil) (4tbsp)

-120ml of milk (cow or plant-based) (1/2 cup)

-120g of whole wheat flour or any gluten-free flour of your choice (1 cup)

-120g of almond powder (1 cup)

-1 packet of baking powder

-Vanilla or cinnamon according to taste

-Optional: crushed nuts, chocolate chips, fresh fruit chunks ...


Directions : 

-Preheat the oven to 180 °C and prepare your loaf pan (oil + flour or baking paper)

-Mix the liquid ingredients: bananas, fat, milk and eggs *

-Mix the dry ingredients: flour, almond powder, cinnamon or vanilla and baking powder

-Mix the dry ingredients with the liquid ingredients.

-Add options (nuts, fruits, chocolates, ..)

-Pour the content in your pan

-Cook around 50 minutes (plant a knife in the middle, it should come out clean or almost clean for a softer banana bread)

-If the outside starts to brown but the inside is not cooked enough, cover the cake with a piece of aluminum foil to keep a nice golden crust.

-Let the bread cool for 10 minutes before removing it from the container. Then place it on a rack to allow it to keep cooling down.


* If possible, use a blender for a more homogeneous mixture.

Megane nutrition facts :

  • This recipe is dairy-free 

  • You can also make it gluten-free so you can enjoy it if you are suffering from a coeliac disease, a gluten allergy or sensitivity

  • Enjoy it as an afternoon snack or even for breakfast

  • Have it with some peanut butter on it it will make you feel full until your next meal. 

Image by Klara Avsenik
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