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Banana pancakes


Prep time : 20 min 


Cooking time : 15 minutes


Servings : 10 pancakes

Ingredients :

-100g oatmeal

-100g of almond powder

-220ml of almond or oat milk

-2 bananas

-2 tbsp of chia seeds or ground flax seeds

-1 pinch of salt


Directions :

-Mix all the ingredients in a blender or food processor and let it sit for 10 minutes so that the seeds swell and bind the dough together.

-Heat a pan over high heat.

-When the pan is hot, lower the heat to medium and oil it with coconut oil using kitchen paper.

-Pour ½ cup into the pan and distribute the preparation to form a circle.

-Leave to cook until small bubbles appear on the surface, then turn the pancake over and continue cooking for about 1 minute.

Megane nutrition facts :

  • Those pancakes are refined-sugar free and suits well for a healthy breakfast. Rich in fiber, they will keep you going until your next meal without getting tired or hungry.

  • In order to benefit from all the nutritional benefits of this recipe, avoid topping them with sugar and syrups of any kind. Favor refined-sugar free accompaniments such as a date almond caramel or a choconut sauce.

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