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Energy balls


Prep time : 30min (resting time not included)


Serves : Make about 10 balls 

Ingredients :

-400g of pitted dates (preferably medjool dates)

-40g of hazelnut butter (about 2 tbsp)

-40g of hazelnut powder or almond powder 

-A tea spoon of lucuma for the flavor (optional) 

-5g of raw cacao powder

-Shredded coconut

-Roasted chopped hazelnut

DSC_2316 copie-min.jpg

Directions : 

This recipe is really the simplest. Just place all the ingredients into your food processor and blitz for 1 minute. If you don’t have a food processor you can presse between your fingers until you have a sticky dough. 


Roll the mixture into balls and chill them in the fridge for about 30 minutes


Once set, simply roll half the balls into shredded coconut. 

Use the same method to cover the other half with the chopped hazelnut. You will just have to gently presse them with your fingers to make it stick. 


You can store them for a few weeks in the fridge. 


I personnaly like to take them out of the fridge 15 minutes before consuming to give them a softer texture. 

Megane nutrition facts :

  • Energy balls make the perfect refined sugar-free treat when you are craving something sweet. 

  • The flavour combinaisons are endless so you can make it as you like and easily replace every ingredient with what you have at home. 

For exemple, the hazelnut butter can be replaced by peanut or almond or every kind of nut butter. It just has to be sugar free, which means that the only ingredient listed on the packaging should be the nut choosen. 

DSC_2326 copie 2-min.jpg
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