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Smoothie YES or NO?

Dernière mise à jour : 12 juin 2020

Nutrition can be confusing with many different opinions and studies for one same subject....

My answer on this would be yes but not for everyone, not every smoothies and with certain conditions.

But let's start by defining a smoothie. It is a preparation based on mixed fruits and vegetables, to which ice cubes, yogurt and other ingredients can be added.

The difference with a fruit juice is that in a smoothie, the pulp (fiber) is preserved. Although the latter helps to keep blood sugar balanced, the process of making it breaks down the fiber which makes the sugar naturally present in the fruits more accessible and so quicker to absorb. This could lead to an energy crash not so long after having it. So, if you are looking for something to keep you full until your next meal, a smoothie might not hit the spot.

Mixing fruits with protein/fat rich food like yogurt, peanut butter, oats or plant-based milk, would definitely do the trick to make your smoothie more filling. But I don’t recommend it to people experiencing digestive issues (gas, constipation, cramps, stomach aches,…)

If you’re keen to food combining, you must know already that one of the main rules is to eat fruits alone (at least 30min before any other food and 2h after). This does not mean that you can no longer enjoy the benefits of these drinks rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients but prefer combinations based on fruits only.

So, what to do when it comes to smoothie bowls toppings?

If like me you love a good smoothie bowl, you know it usually comes with different toppings from peanut butter to granola or even cookie crumbs along with some fruits. This doesn’t fit at all into the food combining rules which would only allow you to top your bowl with some fruits. But when it comes to practice, I would just recommend adjusting according to how your body reacts.

I am happy to share with you what works for me but keep in mind that it may not work for you. We are all different and there’s no one size fits all diet. I personally try to stick to only fruits smoothies. But I like to top my smoothie bowls with 1tbsp sugar free muesli, and I also do well with grated coconut. I tried nut butter and plant-based milk, but this combination definitely doesn’t work for me.

Check out my antioxidant smoothie bowl recipe.

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