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My practice :

Yoga Vinyasa : 

Synchronize each movement to your breath and transition fluidly from one asana -posture- to another. The previous asana prepares your body for the next one.

The word "vinyasa" comes from the Sanskrit term Nyasa (to place) and Vi (in a specific way).


Yoga Hatha :

This traditional form of yoga uses breath awareness to settle in and hold each pose longer. A practice that balances body and mind.

The word "Hatha" is a combination of the Sanskrit words "sun" (ha) and "moon" (tha).

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Yin yoga : 

A very gentle approach to yoga greatly influenced by traditional Chinese medicine. This practice, which requires less physical effort, may seem more accessible, however the work of surrender is where lies the power of yin yoga.

Only a few postures will be performed during a class, but they are held for several minutes where you will be invited to fully relax your body and mind. This will allow the energy to flow better and the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for rest, digestion and repair) to get activated.

Yin also helps to work on the connective tissues, the fascias. This gentle yoga will perfectly complement your dynamic practices.

Gently reconnect to your body, learn to love it, feel it and listen to it.


Practice with me :

In private :

Online or in person, the classes are adapted to your needs, your level and your preferences.

Improve your practice with a class tailored to your own needs

Group classes : 


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